Schiff says Pence’s office may have purposefully misled panel about contents of his Zelensky call

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> “Without prompting, the letter volunteers that ‘the Vice President never raised the Bidens, Burisma, or Crowdstrike in his conversations with President Zelensky,’” Schiff’s letter stated. “The Committee neither asserted that, nor asked whether, you specifically used those words.” > Schiff called the letter from Pence’s office “deeply troubling,” writing that if Williams’s testimony is true, it suggests the vice president had knowledge about the efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Trump’s political opponents. #ImpeachMikePence


Of course he did. Mike. Liars won’t inherit Gods kingdom my dude. TES TI FY!


Isn’t it frustrating to know that all these people are guilty, yet we can’t do anything because the Republicans are insistent on going down with the ship?


Here’s the thing…these GOP fucks really believe they can survive Trump and then pretend that they never supported him. I mean, look how blatantly hypocritical McConnell and Graham are being with zero impact from the GOP base. They’re hedging their bets that Trump is not part of the glue that hold their party together. Personally, I think they’re wrong. They’re fucked.


>The testimony from Jennifer Williams, Pence’s Russia adviser, was provided as a supplemental written submission to the Intelligence Committee through her lawyer Nov. 26. Ten days later, Schiff asked Pence to declassify it. If Pence doesn’t want to declassify the document, Schiff, as chair of the inteligence committee, can read the written submission into the public record regardless of classification.