Security engineer says Google fired her for trying to notify co-workers of right to organize

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I tried to organize at a job once. I went on vacation, they said it was perfectly okay and cleared it in writing, and when I came back they told me there just wasn’t room for my position at the company any longer and I should look into unemployment (they wouldn’t contest it). This is a Kombucha company that claims to run their delivery vehicles on biofuel but doesn’t, refused to fix a forklift that didn’t have breaks, and didn’t stop production when the water supply was tainted. The list goes on. Guess I should be happy they fired me… The sad thing is, there’s little you can fucking do when you can’t afford lawyers and what not. It’s also crazy how far Google is going in the public spotlight to fuck over their employees. Edit: This was years ago. This company is pretty much nationwide now and I didn’t think to nor care enough to do anything at the time (I was young). I also don’t feel comfortable naming the company for some reason.


newsflash: organizing a bargaining unit is protected activity according to the NLRA. Google fired her because their consultants have calculated the cost of a settlement and/or reinstatement and have decided that would not exceed the overall burden of their IT employees forming a union.


>Kathryn Spiers, who worked as a security engineer, updated an internal Chrome browser extension so that each time Google employees visited the website of IRI Consultants — the Troy, Michigan, firm that Google hired this year amid a groundswell of labor activism at the company — they would see a pop-up message that read: “Googlers have the right to participate in protected concerted activities.” While I’m sure Google wouldn’t support their employees unionizing, she fucked up all by herself on this one.


So even though she was literally hired to program messages of this type, and the message is required by NLRB standards and Google internal policy, people are still going to blame the victim. I guess the return on propaganda demonizing workers so that the gut reaction is to support the owner is pretty good.


I see a lot of “do not distribute literature” around a lot of jobs I’ve had (no carpenters union here).. They definitely imply you will be fired at the first hint of unionizing.