Sen. Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Want Dems to Call Witnesses During Impeachment Trial Because He’s a Whole Bitch

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They cut right to it: > Here’s what we know is happening: On Wednesday, the House is most certainly going to vote to impeach President Trump. Trump has been accused of abuse of power for soliciting a foreign country to help him politically and obstructing Congress by failing to cooperate with the House investigation. A trial is set to take place in the Senate where Turtleneck calls the shots, and, as a kiss-ass, McConnell has no intention of running a remotely fair trial. > > I know what you are thinking: “But Stephen, it’s a trial, how can Democrats not be allowed to call witnesses?” > > Exactly, dear reader. That’s because Mitch McConnell is a whole bitch who has no problem running a heavily weighted kangaroo court. Dems wanted to call four White House officials, including Mick Mulvaney, the White House chief of staff, and John R. Bolton, the former national security adviser, the New York Times reports. Both men have first-hand knowledge of the phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which the president asked Zelensky to launch an investigation to find dirt on political rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and held congressionally approved aid over the Ukrainian president’s head until he got what he asked for.


These are headlines WaPo, NYT, etc need. I hate their both sides shit during this terrible moment in our country


The root has the best headlines. Another favourite: “Trump won’t participate in this week’s house judiciary impeachment hearing because he did that shit.”


QQ: Could the senators (McConnell, Graham etc) that are actively declaring themselves ‘not impartial’ be looking to be dismissed by John Roberts when the trial begins so that they would not be ‘culpable’ if Trump is convicted?