The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials

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Here is the thing. Prices of things are only worth what people will pay for it. If millenials are destroyed. They will spend less money which means business earns less and has less incentive to invest. They probably won’t be buying shares, they won’t be buying houses and someone else will need to buy them to keep prices inflated. If they can’t get into debt to buy shit the system kind of fails. If even with completely 0 interest rates it the cost of assets is too high to buy into then they won’t, and prices in an illiquid market can fall fast. So if the future generations fail. Then the current generations also fail. Just in different ways.


>Investors are fleeing to safety. Where is this “safety” that the article speaks of? > The stock market is dipping. Is it?


The next recession will destroy home values to never ride again and give millennials their first shot at a good economy in the recover


Wait wait wait. Only 37% of under 25 own stocks? The only pensions left are for state and federal employees. I doubt that’s more than 15%? So does that mean that somewhere about 50% have precisely $0 in for their retirement? What am I missing? As always, housing continues to be a big factor here. Previous generations essentially built their nest egg on the back of housing appreciation. In fact, for many, that’s the only equity they have. This will of course come to a head between younger generations needing a place to stay and older generations needing to liquidate to pay for their retirement.


These countless recession articles are destroying the meaning of a recession