TIL BBC journalists requested an interview with Facebook because they weren’t removing child abuse photos. Facebook asked to be sent the photos as proof. When journalists sent the photos, Facebook reported the them to the police because distributing child abuse imagery is illegal.

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Isn’t requesting said images just as illegal?


God Facebook is hitting like comic book villain levels of cartoonish evil.


*Cop arrests pedophile and takes his child porn for evidence* “Johnson, look at this sick bastard. We got to put this in evidence” “I’m sorry Greg, I’m going to have to arrest you for having that child porn, hand it over” *From across the room, Richard sees the arrest* “Johnson! Hands up, you’re under arrest for that child porn! I’ll take it from here” *continues until every cop in the world has arrested each other*


I make jewelry. I have a FB page for selling jewelry. I have jewelry that has space themed titles i.e., Eclipse, etc. I have a ring with a red stone in it called the “Red Venus Ring” I got a notice from FB that said, “Your listing Red “Venus” Ring-Red Sunstone…may go against our rules on selling adult products and services.” Go figure.


This is the biggest corporate “no u” I have ever seen.