TIL of Julie D’Aubigny, who was a 17th-century bisexual French opera singer who once took vows at a convent just so she could have sex with another nun, and then set it on fire. When she kissed a women at a ball, she was challenged to a duel by 3 men and she then beat them all.

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>As she left for Paris, she earned her living like she did previously by singing in various events. Soon after she met an old actor named Marechal, who had started to train her until his alcohol problem grew worse and she was sent back to Paris. In Villeperdue and dressed as a tomboy, she was insulted by a young man and they fought a duel where she drove her sword into his shoulder. The day after, she asked if he was okay and discovered that this was the son of Duke of Luynes. She then indirectly apologized and began a love affair with the young man. “Hey sorry I stabbed you. Wanna stab me so we’re even steven?”


Yo she also ran away with her lover and stole a dead nuns body and put it in her bed and set it on fire to make it seem like an accident


And where’s the Netflix series on this woman, hmm?


I’m sure the owner of the convent was nun too pleased. I’ll see myself out.


My ex-gf was descended from relatives of this woman and she was not the only batshit crazy one in this bloodline either (actually not talking about my ex-gf, who was very normal). My ex-gfs mother told me a lot about the history of their family and it was fascinating. The bonus of coming from aristocracy is often your family history is very well documented – I barely know even 5 generations above me.