TIL of Rodriguez; a US-based ’70s musician, who became a construction worker after commercial failure in the US. However, unbeknown to him, he achieved cult-like status in South Africa, where both his albums went platinum. His daughter found out after discovering a website dedicated to him, in 1997.

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And a very good documentary, Sugar Man (Searching for Sugar Man), was made about this story. If I remember right, it got an Oscar award. Worth watching !


Who was making the money from the sales?


As it turns out a lot of things were pretty exaggerated except for his american obscurity. He had opened for Midnight Oil in Australia in ’81 because he had been a minor hit there and in New Zealand. His contribution to the Apartheid movement is also overstated since there had been a movement fighting to end Apartheid for decades before the 1970’s. Kinda annoying that they felt the need to do that when his story was already remarkable.


Cold Fact really is a great album top to bottom.


I grew up in South Africa and can confirm that his songs were everywhere. Didn’t for 1 second give it much thought as I thought it was just another wold famous musician. Movie was excellent and went to go see one of his live shows in London in 2016. Poor guy…he’s really old now. His band came over to him before every song and went through the cords of the songs with him. Having said that, the show was amazing an he was really kind. Once in a lifetime experience!