TIL reindeer meat is actually some of the healthiest meat out there. It contains way less fat than beef, and Norwegians are known to eat smoked reindeer, grilled reindeer, reindeer pizza and reindeer tartare

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That explains why Santa has lived for so long.


Anyway, like I was sayin’, reindeer is the fruit of Norway. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, reindeer kabobs, reindeer creole, reindeer gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple reindeer, lemon reindeer, coconut reindeer, pepper reindeer, reindeer soup, reindeer stew, reindeer salad, reindeer and potatoes, reindeer burger, reindeer sandwich. That….that’s about it.


Is fatty meat really that bad? It certainly tastes better in a wider range of cooking methods.


High protein/no fat does not a healthy diet make. See: rabbit starvation “Protein poisoning (also referred to colloquially as rabbit starvation, mal de caribou, or fat starvation) is a rare form of acute malnutrition thought to be caused by a near complete absence of fat in the diet.” Just an FYI


Reindeer is delicious. Just bought some smoked reindeer sausage at the holiday market. I made a pizza last night with some chanterelles, artichoke hearts, and goat cheese.