TIL that composer John Williams has been nominated for 51 Academy Awards (winning 5) second only to Walt Disney who has 59. Williams has been nominated in six different decades, receiving his first for Valley of the Dolls in 1968 and his last for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 2018.

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He’s the Edith Head of music. It’s funny, I was introducing my children to some of his more popular pieces over the weekend, and what I always find most amazing is the range of them. Sure he has a bunch of the big brass ones like Superman and Indiana Jones, but so many others like Schindler’s List or ET. Compared to some other “major” score composers these days and they all sound so much alike… Truly one of (if not) the greatest ever.


He and Hans Zimmer are my favorites.


John Williams said Steven Spielberg should find a better composer for Schindler’s List. Steven replied, “I know, but they are all dead.”


i’m a huge soundtrack head but the 2018 nomination for *the last jedi* sounds nothing more like a default nomination. that soundtrack was severely lacking compared to his previous works on the prequel and original trilogies.


With 115 film credits, over 44% of his scores have gotten nominations. And he didn’t even get his first one until he was 17 in.