TIL that fake Christmas trees were invented by a company that made toilet brushes and were made on the same machinery.

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So… They could be considered toiletries? I’ll show myself out…


some genius: “if we make the trees white we don’t have to dye the plastic!”


I could totally see that. Those “leaves” feel like toilet rough toilet brushes and have the same wire frames.


>This artificial tree was made by the Addis Housewares Company, producers of brushes used for cleaning toilets. During World War II, when real trees were hard to come by, Addis made these artificial trees on their brush-making machinery. Many of these fake trees were sent to London where, after the city was bombed, there was no access to real trees for the holidays. Earlier versions of artificial trees used feathers, but these bottle brush trees are more similar to the artificial trees produced today. This particular tree was displayed every year in a Seattle home from the 1930s until 2008. Sort of a wholesome origin story.


So a good use for old Christmas trees is to clean your toilets.