TIL that the Persian Army brought an immense block of marble to the Battle of Marathon, intending to build a monument of their victory. Captured by the Greeks, they sculpted a statue of Nemesis, the goddess who cuts down those with too much pride

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This is from Pausanias according to the wikipedia article you mentioned. Pausanias lived around 110 ~ 180CE over 600 years after Marathon (490bce) and likely made the whole thing up to portray Darius as vain. Edit: silver! Thanks kind sir. Who said you can’t earn anything from studying history?


Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent, personified in this case by an ‘orrible cunt… me.


Is this story mentioned anywhere in Herodotus, because I don’t think it is, the earliest source I can find is from Pausanias, who was writing about 600-700 years later. Now, there was worship of Nemesis in Rhamnous, near the Marathon battlesite, where this statue was said to have existed, but the temples to Nemesis didn’t even begin construction until 30-40 years after The Battle of Marathon, which is a bit too much to draw definite connections to it. So consider me skeptical, unless someone knows a mention of it prior to Pausanias. Edit: Or just downvote me, that’s a good option too.


>As the “Goddess of Rhamnous”, Nemesis was honored and placated in an archaic sanctuary in the isolated district of Rhamnous, in northeastern Attica. There she was a daughter of Oceanus, the primeval river-ocean that encircles the world. Pausanias noted her iconic statue there. It included a crown of stags and little Nikes and was made by Pheidias after the Battle of Marathon (490 BC), crafted from a block of Parian marble brought by the overconfident Persians, who had intended to make a memorial stele after their expected victory. Her cult may have originated at Smyrna. Lady’s got a solid origin story


This sounds very much like propaganda.