TIL that Viggo Mortensen was offered the role of Aragorn in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit film trilogy, but he turned it down since Aragorn never appeared in Tolkien’s Hobbit.

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The lengths to which filmmakers will go to milk something for all it’s worth astounds me


Aragorn would have been 10 years old at the start of *The Hobbit* (and Bilbo would have been 50). When Frodo later meets Aragorn in Bree, he is ~~77~~ 87 (addition is hard) years old. PJ takes a lot of weird liberties with the source material, but that one is a massive stretch.


The best thing about the Hobbit Trilogy is that it doesn’t really have any spoilers for the book.


The Hobbit movie was a sad money grabber.


and he only took the role of Aragorn in the first place because his son was a huge fan of the books.