TIL The Quran allows coffee because it defines intoxicants as which “covers the intellect,” i.e., causes inebriation or drunkenness like beer, or euphoria such as cocaine or amphetamines.Caffeine is not an intoxicant in that sense, but rather only a mild stimulant and hence permissible

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The Quran doesn’t talk about this ruling or coffee at all. This is a scholarly ruling. Quran Prohibits alcohol only. In particular wine. The broad interpretation of “alcohol” when it refers to wine comes from the Hadith.


I’ve had a few muslims tell me that beer and wine is frowned upon most and while all alcohol is forbidden for some reason scotch and whiskey is commonly drunk by many.


If covering the intellect is the justification for this rule, why is cocaine disallowed? Cocaine always makes me smarter.


I dated a muslim girl for 2 years. We both drank alcohol (although she was a lightweight and would throw up easily) and smoked blunts. She even stopped eating only halaal meat and would eat whatever i cooked besides bacon. A lot of muslims don’t follow it 2 strictly


What is the stance on weed then? Known many Muslims who doesn’t drink but will happily smoke with me