Trump refuses to back recognition of Armenian genocide after Erdogan threat

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No, no. Trump is ‘really concerned’ about corruption.


It’s even worse than it seems because Erdogan’s “threat” was to recognize the American genocide of Native Americans. Trump is not only too cowardly to point out the crimes of others, he’s too racist to be made to look inward and help the nation recognize our own crimes against humanity. Any other person could have made this into a moment of unity and progress, they could have simultaneously shown Turkey that no one buys their propaganda while taking steps to right past wrongs and by doing so completely disarm the Turkish talking points. Instead, this POS continues to ignore reality, continues to kowtow to dictators, and he continues to choose to betray Americans, Armenians, and all those who truly value freedom and equality.


The weakest self acclaimed strong man ever


Again he’s on the wrong side of history with lives on the line. Republicans will literally approve applaud and support.


See, he even shits on his own party. Recognizing the Armenian genocide was a bipartisan decision.