U.S. sues CVS for fraudulently billing Medicare, Medicaid for invalid prescriptions

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CVS wanted to charge me $244 for my dog’s seizure medication. Told them hell no, went to Costco and it cost me $20. I couldn’t believe it.


CVS is a scummy company. They bought out the most popular prescription plan in the US and then blocked other pharmacies from using it, which basically screwed over millions of Walgreen and Rite Aid customers. They had to switch to CVS or lose their plan.


Someone must have pissed off a regulator. Usually this kind of fraud never sees the light of day.


And fucking 10 foot long purchase receipts! – Thank you kind Redditor, for the silver. 😉


Damn I wonder what that whistle blower Is going to get. Typically for medicare it’s like 25% of the take. Good on them. Corporations should not profit off of fraud and take money from the american people while putting the elderly at risk.