UK elects world’s first openly gay Muslim MP

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I won’t be impressed until he’s a vegetarian who surfs and has climbed K2 and knows how to play the autoharp.


If you’re a gay Muslim who sees absolutely zero representation of yourself anywhere – I would say this is probably a really big deal. Appreciate it can be a bit exhausting celebrating “firsts” of different minorities getting into certain positions of power, but when it hasn’t been like that for the majority of history, it’s just going to continue on for a while.


i thought being gay was illegal to muslims so how can this be? like an openly gay christian. that dont make sense. like openly meat eating vegan.


Awesome news, good for him. May Allah bless his efforts if he is true it trying to make the U.K. a better place.


Fantastic news! It’s bad he’s defined by his sexual orientation and religion but hopefully he’s does an amazing job.