Video footage of a group of women forming a human shield around a man who was being beaten by police in India has gone viral on social media: The students were protesting against India’s new Citizenship Amendment Act.

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Fascism sure is making a comeback across the globe, huh?


Indian PM Narendra Modi bringing “acchey din” (good days)… more like bringing “good old days of British brutality” to people who are not aware of current political situation in India, it is becoming a hindu supremacist nation with major increase in internet censorship, suppressing speech through violence and hindu terrorism. India is right on the same track of China and how they’re wiping out uighyr muslims


What is it with police offers around the world loving the opportunity to use excessive force?


Where’s the outcry about this? Reddit loves to whine about police brutality in Hong Kong but when it comes to India no one cares? The West should know that India is not a democracy.


Fuck the racist narendra modi and his nationalist party