Video shows Pike County deputy punching and macing restrained prisoner

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“The prosecutor said Mooney is trying to get Workers’ Compensation for a broken hand following the incident.”😲


Oh look it’s another sociopath police officer. Do you guys think that policing is a profession that attracts them er….? Nah probably not, the rampant misconduct and unwarranted violence is probably equally prevalent across all professions.


This is why people hate police. The hate is completely justified. People are tired of them being bullies in the guise of being “tough on crime”. Repeatedly punching a restrained person isn’t tough, it’s fucking cowardly.


What a disgusting piece of shit. Not once, not twice, multiple times and he took him outside ***just to fucking pepper spray him***. Wonder how he would feel if someone did this to someone he loves while he watched helplessly.


From TFA: >The video shows a Mooney using a fogger to pepper spray Friend and the chair tipped back and the prisoner stayed on the ground for eleven minutes. > Friend was wheeled inside the building where video shows Mooney punched him in the face eleven times.