Well-Wishers donate £11,500 to 59-year-old man who hung A Morrisons bag and note on his garden gate in hope of ‘a couple of tins of beans’

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Lovely story, very happy that the community came out in force to support him. Really feel like a dick for having to mention this, because I myself get annoyed at people who piss in the parade of a happy ending in a sad story, but this man is in this difficulty because of the Tory party. Their cuts have pushed him to the brink and made him have to depend on the kindness of others and random chance that he would be noticed, and they’ve been re-elected because a significant portion of people are happy to smile at a situation like this while ignoring the fact that they have themselves helped to prop up the government that is deliberately causing it with malicious intent despite on the outside promising to tackle it. We have reached double think levels of hypocrisy in the UK years ago, and it stinks of a large number of people impacted dying while a lucky few are saved. Edit: as a disabled person myself who has a good job and is paying my way, I’ve seen people with invisible disabilities and the elderly take a huge hit in government support in recent years, but the Tories are the first in line to adjust the narrative and describe us as saving eachother while neglecting to mention their own role in our down fall. I am a net contributor to the economy but I still get treated like a piece of shit by idiots who have been spoon fed lies that don’t add up


That’s heartwarming


The outcome is heartening but it shouldn’t come to this. Ultimately its a drop in the ocean, and its gutting that in this former world superpower, first world developed nation, with so many millionaires and a global financial centre, we cannot ensure our own citizens are fed. Scum utilities companies cutting off his energy in the midst of winter and then turning it back on when they get caught.


I mean………nothing really uplifting about a dystopia where old men have to beg the public for food…….


Hahaha what a joke of a country, first Brexit then Johnson and now the idiots are going to learn what a deductible is, hahahaha