When potential employers ask why you want to leave your current job, what is the most neutral, forgettable answer I can give to limit its impact on their hiring decision?

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You can spin all those things in a positive way. Bad management = I want the opportunity to work with mentors who are experts in our field and learn more from them. Inadequate coworkers = I want to be part of a thriving and cohesive team, no prospects = I want a long term home where I can grow.


>I want to leave my current job because of bad management, terrible company prospect, and inadequate coworkers. “I want to work for a company with solid management, a bright future, and great people to be alongside. I feel you company offers me this more than my current employer.”


You don’t want to leave. But you saw this opportunity and it’s something you’ve been eyeing for a long time and you can’t pass it up.


I would turn it around and explain why you want to work for the company doing the hiring. That way you can flatter them and avoid negative perceptions about yourself.


I am in the C Suite at a $4B a year company “I think I have gone as far as I can in this job without someone retiring, hitting the lottery or dying (Haha) so I am looking to find something new where I can expand my responsibilities and have more up side for the long haul, Do you think your company would be a good fit?” ​ Always remember to close with this question: “Have you heard anything today that would make you think I am not a good fit, because I would love the opportunity to address those concerns”? ​ Good luck!