Whistleblower claims that LDS Church stockpiled $100 billion in charitable donations, dodged taxes

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I’m shocked that an organization that protects child molesters would break another law. /s


Well, yeah.


Again and forever: Money is their real God.


It’s the amount of money that’s staggering. This is just one account. It’s not even the real estate. And the church is legally set up in a way that the head of the church owns it all. (Corporation sole?) All of this puts the church in the financial company of Apple and Google. No taxes. Not only are they deceiving their members, they are stealing from US citizens in the form of owed taxes. Not to mention withholding from their charitable obligations. (Contrary to what they may say, stockpiling for the second coming of Jesus isn’t covering their obligations.) So this is a pretty big scandal, and I hope it gets the media coverage it deserves.


Religion is a scam anyway so is anyone really gonna care?