William Barr ‘Must Be Removed’: Letter Urges Congress to Impeach Attorney General for Repeatedly Violating Oath of Office

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Any Attorney General that has anyone other than the American people as their #1 priority should be removed. If the media feels compelled to deliver a ‘balanced analysis’ and will not define the GOP as the organized crime cartel that they are then Americans must rephrase the ‘both sides’ conversation to non-criminal (currently defined by media as ‘Democrat’) and criminal (currently defined by the media as ‘GOP’). William Barr, consigliere for the Trump criminal organization, must be impeached for illegal conduct and breach of his oath to the American people and all non-criminal political interests.


I’m not so sure we aren’t witnessing the end of our founding political experiment. My guess is, Trump and Republicans steal the next general election, becoming more entrenched over the next four years while continuing to dismantle the system. When the next financial crisis occurs, they’ll just let it implode and pick up the scraps for themselves. EDIT: Of course, maybe I’m wrong and things will go back to relative normalcy after this election cycle.


I was listening to the Deputy AG defend Trump in the Emoluments Clause hearings…my god, that man was a FOX/Trump talking point regurgitating machine.


Why, for the love of everything sacred, are ANY of them still in power!?


America must be dis-Barr’d