Worship leader at Bethel Church in Redding Californias daughter pronounced dead. Church refuses to accept the death and is now praying for her to be “raised from the dead”.

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So many things wrong here. First off if you’re not familiar with Bethel in Redding CA you need to research them. They are a cultish community bent on political advancement and believe in some pretty crazy theology. My heart breaks that they can’t just gather as a community and mourn through this with the family. Instead they are refusing to accept her death and leading a worldwide prayer campaign to “raise her from the dead” It’s sad that Christians are this scared of death. I wish they could learn to accept death as a fact of life. You’d think if they believe in heaven with no pain, they not be trying to bring this child back from it. Also to note, Bethel is using this campaign as a PR stunt to gain visibility in the world. As a former kool aid drinking evangelical. This all sickens me so much.


They’re in for some major disappointment. Small part of me wonders if this is a stunt where the daughter is actually alive somewhere and they’ll trot her out for the believers’ cash later.


>But religion gives comfort when people die! This isn’t comfort, it’s insanity and delaying the process of grieving.


I am always shocked when I see my old school mentioned in articles like these, I went there from 3rd to 8th grade when they had regular school. One time they took me in a back room when I was “misbehaving” and a bunch of old woman talked in tongues to dispel the demons. 8th grade teacher washed all our feet because it was some symbolic thing like jesus… Also a fellow students mom died because she refused cancer treatment because she knew god was going to heal her Thanks Bethel for making me an atheist


Interesting tactic, let’s see if it pays off.