Zambia approves cannabis exports to boost economy

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“Zambia has legalized the production and export of cannabis for economic and medicinal purposes, the government’s chief spokeswoman said on Monday, becoming the latest country to shift its position on the drug to give its finances a boost.” Maybe the world will shake off this dependence on authority and control. The drug war was an American export after all.


I always thought for cash-poor countries legalizing and exporting marijuana is a great way to make cash quickly


If the weed in the picture is the stuff they’re exporting they better keep that brown frown shit in Zambia


University of Zambia in Lusaka has an Agriculture School. As with most universities, it has had international staff, and also hosts foreign aid programs. There are areas within Zambia with successful, industrial agriculture mostly of cereal crops. Export market is other African countries, especially Republic of South Africa, and SE Asian countries. Cannabis culture is alive and similar to Europe and North America. “Dagga” stories in the news match other countries – excoriating the illegal trade and the morals of users. Zambia has a sort of history and culture a bit more tame than other southern African countries. It is somewhat traceable to previous president Kaunda’s son’s death from aids totally changing his ways and means of governing, for the better and more humane, and thus the countries’ culture. However, Zambia Times news agency always loves a histrionic story eg. *”A bushman was found on the Kabulonga road with a fetish stick with 7 penises and 3 vaginas, Police Chief CDE Kithole reported the owners could not be found.”*


They can’t just export to the US because it’s still federally illegal. Who will the customer base be? Edit: someone pointed out Canada which I totally forgot about being legal. Any other countries?