A Nation’s People Offer the Best Return on Investment | Countries that spend on education, protect the environment and tackle inequality tend to outperform others.

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But what is the causality here? I feel like that well off countries with a real ability to invest in education, the environment and fighting inequality (and you see that almost all developed nations do this once they become developed). You can’t really worry about environmentalism, equality and the environment when people are starving and dying.


I had to read Why Nations Fail for one of my econ classes in college. 10/10 would read again.


What if it is the other way around. Prosperous nations have the ability to spend more on environmentalism, inequality and education, where as lower performing nations cannot? Feel like this is a which came first, Chicken or the Egg situation?


Chicken and the egg. Producing wealth is what also allows for more spending on education, protections, etc.


oh man i need to unsubscribe from this sub and just stay at r/academiceconomics there is nothing but politically biased drivel posted here anymore. this entire article is just reflecting on a book that assumes correlation = causation and has limited to no data to argue many of its main points. r/politics is bleeding over here something fierce. barf