Every McDonald’s in Peru shuts to mourn two teenager employees’ death.

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Two days to check the electrical systems in all kitchens…


Christ, what a horrible way to go, dying while working a horrible min wage job all because someone else fucked up *their* job and didn’t make sure the place was safe. It’s a cruel world out there.


I hope they’re still gonna pay their employees for those two days, else all it amounts to is fucking their workforce some more.


This was always a fear for me when I cleaned up during the night shifts at McDonald’s. You have to pull the fryers out and mop where the wires are. It’s terrifying seeing so much water go onto the wires and it just be a *normal occurrence.* Needless to say I hated working there and left after a couple of months. I couldn’t imagine losing your life at a minimum wage shitty job because of someone else’s fuck up.


McDonalds could be fined $56,288? That’s less than pocket change to them. Nothing will happen except people will riot because the stores closed. Someone will probably be fired because they cost the company money, not because anyone at McDonald’s corporate actually cares about the employees.