Global mountain gorilla population grows to 1,063

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Jesus christ finally something positive lol, what were/are gorillas being poached for? Dysfunctional Chinese boner pills? They don’t have tusks so I know its not 100 thousand dollar ivory tchotchkes. Edit – Pretty unbelievable that I have to say this but *I’m not making light of the situation* what are they being poached for? Nother edit – “Using the word chinese to describe a chinese phenomenon, racist, lol jesus christ reddit you crazy” – something I shouldn’t have to say


Human population only grows to 7.8 fucking billion. I hope we won’t be overrun by apes.


> Last year, thanks to an increase in their numbers, the status of mountain gorillas was changed from Critically Endangered to Endangered by the IUCN, considered the global authority on the health of the world’s plant and animal species. Today’s survey results are further confirmation that the prospects for this incredible primate continue to improve following decades of tireless work from dedicated conservationists and communities. More great news and perhaps more evidence we are successfully slowing down the animal extinction rates as we understand habitats and ecosystems better


Just for a little perspective, there are two gorilla species, and the western mountain gorillas are a subspecies of one of them. The Bwindi census counted their population at 300 in 1997, and they’ve shown a pretty steady rebound since then. Some of that might come from better counts, but still good news.


There are more meth zombies in the world than there are mountain gorillas.