Huge Disparity in Corporate Profits Hints at Something Amiss

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Recession confirmed!


Most of these economic news are often conflicting. US was in the midst of a Great Recession with the default mortgages. Many local companies had record earnings and still wanted to bring H-1 visa workers over. Home owners boast that their homes appreciate 20-25% every year. It was until subprime loans blew the top off. Defaults showed up in volumes. Finally people realize the stock crash (-35%), housing, unable to refi. Things are then all put in together as real crisis. The focus now can be smaller sized companies, retail, disappearance of malls, home less issues.


Don’t worry China said they’d buy some beans


It just feels juiced up and will crash around nov 2020 to coincide with the election


The Fed putting up $500 billion in repo for reasons they won’t tell us to entities they won’t name is more than a “hint” that something is amiss, it’s a tornado warning siren