If We Find Life on Europa or Enceladus, It Will Probably Be a ‘2nd Genesis’ – And if we discover just one such “second genesis” in our solar system, we would know that life is no miracle and must be common throughout the cosmos.

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Either finding, that life is common or that it could be indeed singular, are equally terrifying in their consequence.


People are idiots, they’ll find a way to deny the evidence. People claim the planet is flat, the moon landings didn’t happen, vaccines cause autism and that I have a small willy.


OTOH, if life is a miracle and unimaginably rare in the cosmos, nothing could cause us to believe that and we will march to our extinction underestimating and disrespecting life, as we do.


Life such as bacteria and microorganisms in harsh environments is very likely to be all over. The theory, in the problem, is having a long and stable environment (not just the planet itself, but also it solar system) that allows for life to proliferate and become as diverse and advance as in our planet. Life is just chemistry and it can happen in different environment, but the hard part would be an stable environment that would allow life to develop farther than just microscopic organisms. Edit: grammar, making and using specific English as secondary lenguage with no education is yard…


I get what the article is asserting, but the title is a little clickbaity. There’s no reason that both hardcore atheists and religious zealots can’t agree that alien fish are an amazing discovery. Life *everywhere* can be celebrated. Unless your specific religious text goes out of its way to most definitely rule out the existence of space trout.