In the first lawsuit of its kind, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell, and Tesla are being sued on behalf of 14 Congolese families whose children were killed or permanently injured while illegally mining cobalt for electronics made by these companies

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Time for those companies to stop buying Congolese cobalt and switch to Canadian cobalt?


Yeah that lawsuit’s not going to go anywhere. You can sue a mining company for child labor but suing their customers is a reach. Does a bakery need to personally inspect the farms that supply their ingredients to make sure they’re actually being produced in the manner they say they are? Would be a silly precedent. Important to note that the families rely on this income and don’t complain about child labor in general, just when their kids are later injured or killed. Should be able to sue the government for failure in oversight but it’s the Congo so they’re just screwed unfortunately. Edit: apparently this was a spicy comment.


Interesting, but i don’t think they will win. this is the same as suing a company selling clothes, which are down-the-line produced by children. ^oh, ^wait…


Who operates the mines?


A lot of people have already pointed out, this lawsuit isnt going anywhere. I dont think they will expect it to go anywhere, they just want the publicity out there, you dont get that by suing the company that owns the mines, because no one even knows them. Honestly a smart move by them, trying to involve media/law into this atrocious business