LPT: Don’t make fun of someone’s foreign accent, even if it’s meant to be in light jest. They’re trying their best, and there’s a good chance they know more languages than you.

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It’s really fucked when you’re in that spot and trying to communicate in a language you can just barely get by speaking. You can really feel how you’re perceived as less intelligent, even if it’s on a subconscious level.


I Always say: I’ll bet their English is better than your *insert language *…usually shuts them up.


I know this advice is with a good intend, but I as a foreign speaker want to make others fun of my accent cuz a) I want to test my wittiness and comebacks and b) it’s a fun way to learn from your mistakes But this depends on how good friends you are and type of person that is being ridiculed, like I don’t make fun of every jewish person, but he’ll I’m gonna roast my friend and make him regret he was born a jew


Sometimes the accent is a speach impediment too. Happens to me alot, people think im irish, Scottish or Canadian. Its odd.