Most U.S. adults prioritize developing alternative energy sources for the country such as solar or wind power rather than increasing U.S. exploration and production of fossil fuels (77% vs. 22%).

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And yet the republicans have 40% support. So, maybe people support solar energy in masses but it isn’t really important enough for them to make it a base for decision for their votes. This is always my problem with these kind of studies – sure people support a „good cause“ when they are being asked but is it really Important for them? Would they even do a trade of between higher taxes and a good cause?


Yet we keep voting in the scumbags that basically make a living from stopping alternative energy development at all costs.


Duh, but it’s a purely financial decision. The current increases in Solar installation are 100% driven by financial impact to the buyers. It would be an extreme challenge to find a homeowner, business, or utility that has installed a solar system that increased their operating cost. Solar is past the point of inflection, it is unstoppable and will continue to grow. This point of inflection has almost nothing to do with climate change, green, etc… It just makes more financial sense.


You can save me money and help protect the environment? Yes please


I would have guessed more than 22% of us americans were idiots on this one