One of New Zealand’s wealthiest businessmen, Sir Ron Brierley, arrested at Sydney airport & charged with possession of child pornography

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What else do billionaires do in their spare time other than molest kids? Fuckers think they can abide by their own laws. Edit: Any squillonares want to way into this conversation? Probably too busy groping a child… Edit edit: *weigh in. Grammar Nazis. Edit edit edit: No real millionares declaring they are and/or their point of view. Either that or defending from under their cloak. Figures.


One of New Zealand’s wealthiest and most respected businessmen, Sir Ron Brierley, has reportedly been arrested at Sydney Airport and charged with possession of child pornography. The 82 year old – who founded corporate raiding company R A Brierley Investments in the 1960s and sits on numerous company boards in New Zealand, Australia and the UK – was stopped by Australian Border Force officers about 6.30am on Tuesday. It is believed he was en route to Fiji. Sir Ron was knighted in 1988 and is a former trustee of the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust and former president of New Zealand Cricket. More to come.


If Sir Ron has kiddie porn it’s a dead cert he knows others who do as well. Good work done by Border Patrol for rounding up the perverts.


Can’t you just have a private drug problem and not bother other people with your weird shit?


PS Epstein didn’t kill himself.