TIL a German filmmaker once asked Carthusian monks for permission to film a documentary of their lives. They responded affirmatively 16 years later and the film took 5 more years to complete.

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>The idea for the film was proposed to the monks in 1984, but the Carthusians said they wanted time to think about it. They responded to Gröning 16 years later to say they were willing to permit him to shoot the movie if he was still interested. Gröning then came alone to live at the monastery, where no visitors were ordinarily allowed, for a total of six months in 2002 and 2003. He filmed and recorded on his own, using no artificial light. >Gröning then spent two and a half years editing the film. The final cut contains neither spoken commentary nor added sound effects. It consists of images and sounds that depict the rhythm of monastic life, with occasional intertitles displaying selections from Holy Scripture. A Quiet Place: Holy Edition


I saw this. Its beautiful and sublimely intense


“Hey did we ever send that letter back to that filmmaker?” “I thought you had.” “I thought YOU had!”


I imagine the response 16 years later was just a letter that said “Ah sure why not”


TIL Monks are ents