TIL “Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care” is actually about a slave who started drinking his masters whisky after he was killed being bucked from a horse.

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wow… the slave was able to drink after being killed? impressive.


As a white kid growing up in Michigan I remember singing “Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care ; the masters gone away” and holy shit I haven’t thought about that in decades and this just fucked me up a little.


This is a poorly written article. In practically the same breath it says that cracking corn means to gossip. Then they say without any other context “but probably jimmy drank whisky”. What has lead them to this conclusion?


For some reason my sister-in-law and I love to joke about this song, like “well you must care, you wrote a whole song about it”


Yar! This here post is worded in a misleading fashion. Although it seems right enough, at a glance it can be mite confusing.