Why are American Christians so pro Israel and yet hate Jews?

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Basically Revelations If I recall..they think that getting all the Jews back to the ‘Holy land’ will bring about the second coming of jebus, so they need Israel to be a place for jews, hence why they couldn’t care less about Palestine But also the jews killed jebus in their fan fiction novel so….. there’s some animosity there. It’s a lot more complex but that’s the gist of it Edit: Wow!!!! A whole Silver doubloon! Many thanks my kind benefactor for my very first reddit reward!!!


The prophesy is that Jews must be back in Israel for the end times. They want to get a rupture or something and having the Jews in Israel is a part of that. Basically, they want Armageddon so they can be Ruptured.


As someone who lived in Israel and interacted with both Christians and Jews, Israel is like a Christian Disneyland. They view the Jews as the walking Mickey Mouse and would probably throw peanuts or breadcrumbs at the Ultra Orthodox if they could


I mean I never met a run of the mill Christian who *hates* Jews, I am sure there is still plenty of that in white nationalist Christian circles but not in any mainstream or evangelical grouping of any size.


American Christians mostly don’t hate Jews, WW2 changed public opinion. Basically Christians view Muslims (a large proselytizing religion) as more of a threat to their religion than Jews ( a small non-proselytizing religion).