Workers making £88 Lululemon leggings claim they are beaten : Upmarket brand that recently launched partnership with UN Foundation opens investigation as women in Bangladesh factory say they suffer regular abuse

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While this is reprehensible, it’s probably difficult to find ANY factory in the entire nation of Bangladesh where women do not suffer abuse. If western manufactuers want to take advantage of slave labor wages and do business in nations where abuse is rife, they need to step up and ensure that women and minorities are protected.


Why TF are Lululemon products being made in sweatshops, and how TF are they so expensive? Also how much more expensive would they be if they were made in America?


Remember when we justified expensive clothes cause they were made in Italy or France or whatever and now these fucking companies sell us expensive shit made in countries where they pay people 3 dollars a day. Pathetic.


I’m suspicious of how effective investigations are, they announce their arrival and many preparations are made, including the education of employees. Would it be difficult to have suppliers provide a live feed of the manufacturing area?


Most of the women that buy these probably insist their soy lattes are made only with fair trade beans.