Americans that voted for Trump in 2016 but will not be voting for him in 2020, what changed your mind about him? [Serious]

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I was honestly hoping for something different with him. I can understand being rough around the edges, but my expectation as someone that has run many businesses, he would want to streamline the government as much as possible, making it more efficient and smaller. While there has been some positive movement in that direction, there has been plenty of unneeded regulation added. In addition, federal spending is out of control, something that no private business owner should be OK with. There is more that I am disappointed in, but that’s the big part. I can already hear the downvotes piling up….. ​ EDIT: So just wanted to say a few things: 1) OP, thanks you for posting this. I think it started some good conversations, which is wonderful. 2) Thank you to all that gave me awards. I really appreciate it. 3) I wanted to apologize. I posted this to answer OP’s question, and got a lot of wonderful feedback initially. Eventually I got a lot of “lolz, you should have known better” comments, and I got defensive. I never had intended to get into the politics of this, just to answer a great question with an honest answer. That said, I made the best decision I could at the time with the information I had available to me at the time. I would 100% make the same decision again at that time. That will be the last I will be discussing that with anyone. I would love to talk more about how we can find common ground in the future. Thank you all for reading this, commenting, and being good to one another, and thank you again OP for posting this.


I was 18 and didn’t understand anything and was just listening to my conservative parents. Pretty much my only reason I voted for him was because “Hillary bad.” I still don’t understand anything about politics, but I understand things a little more than I did when I was 18. At this point, I actually try to form my own opinion rather than having people tell me.


Honestly, it was my first election, and I was dumb. How dumb? I voted the way my dad did and then I justified it. I’ve since done independent research and found other candidates that have views more similar to my actual views and ones that I like that I never knew existed before.


I started noticing a significant divide happening which he was the start of, and I began actually doing my own research on politics to form my own opinion instead of just hearsay from my conservative coworkers. I never really realized how much of a douche he was either. I just thought it was all “liberal propaganda”, but turns out that’s actually just conservative propaganda. The dude is fucking insane and pathetic and completely regret voting for him. I was part of the blue wave and this will be the first time I’ve ever voted for a Democrat presidential candidate. I have the internet to thank for having so much info available.


walking away from the Kurds did it for me