What is your go to hangover cure?

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Water. Before bed and first thing waking up. If I plan on drinking I’ll put a couple bottles on my nightstand.


Sleeping for AT LEAST 14 hours.


An orgasm is a remarkably effective way of relieving the foggy, head is going to explode sensation of a hangover. So, in this order, gatorade or water, an orgasm, and greasy food.


You only get a hangover if you quit drinking ^never ^stop


A glass of water for every drink you have will usually do it, but it’s not super practical. If I wake up rotten I’ll put down a couple advil, drink as much water or gatorade as possible and smoke some weed. The weed helps me go back to sleep so the water and advil can work their magic. All of this depends on not having shit to do that day, if I’m busy it’s all fucked.