What would be a Christmas miracle to you?

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It happened last night. I have son who I have never seen (not entirely my fault) he is currently in his 20’s. I’ve moved more then 800 miles away from where me and his mother lived. I found him and reached out to him a few months ago and last night he responded, we both live in the same city. Edit: WOW thank you for the support!! He said he is not ready yet for a face to face I am hopefull we will get together early in the new year. This is better then I could have hope for. Most imporantly he wants a relationship and if you think about how many times we might have seen each if we lived a few states apart compaired to living in the same city, I really can’t stop thinking about what a blessing this is.


The miracle of happiness and inner peace for those who feel lonely and isolated during this holiday season.


My mum giving up drinking


A bus ticket home to see family Edit: Thank you for the gold kind redditor !


Finding people who would like to hang out with me in NYC