You become 6 inches/15.24 centimeters tall for the next 48 hours. How would you take advantage of the next 48 hours? What is your plan for food, drinks and staying alive?

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Damn i would fuck my girl with my whole body, then leave the tiniest nut inside her. ^(Thanks for gold, i’d give you a tiny nut too.)


I’m supposed to call a doctor if I stay 6 inches for more than four hours.


I’m staying at a friend’s house and she’s really into elves and fairies and what not. I’d likely spend the 48 hours swimming in homemade soup and doing awesome photo shoots in her garden.


first thing i’ll have to figure out is how to safely get off my bed. after i slowly climb down i would very quietly make my way to my cats litter box. making sure i don’t wake her up, i would pee. then i would make my way to her water bowl and wash my hands/drink some water. as for food i would try to find something in the pantry like a granola bar and pray i have enough strength to open it. if not i would throw it at my cat hoping she would scratch it till it’s open. then when it’s safe, eat as much as i can and get the fuck out of there. last thing i want is my cat eating me. i would slip through the door and spend the day outside. exploring the world but being careful not to get stepped on/ate by any animals. walk through the museum and actually get to touch the items. go to the fanciest restaurant and try to sneak eat any scraps. hell, even go to costco and go to town on all those sweet free samples. i would end the night at the park eating bread with the pigeons. with a new found respect for them. the next day i would spend it doing random things. going into a piano store and stepping on the piano keys. walking into a computer store and tap dancing on the keyboards. finding a small pond and having a swim. walk into a toy store and steal a new pair of clothes. i would end the night watching the sunset on a rooftop with my pigeon friends. enjoying the last few hours as we share our last bites of bread. edit: so many ppl want my cat to kill me 🙁 i just want to explore, eat & bond with pigeons.


Priority #1: Avoid the fuck out of my cat, because that dude would play with me for about six hours before wholesale eating me.