CDC Confirms A THC Additive, Vitamin E Acetate, Is The Culprit In Most Vaping Deaths

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Turns out stuff that is save to eat may not be save to vaporise and inhale. But nobody really cared.


This is **the** one single most important part to take away from these vaping deaths.

On the surface, you wouldn’t have guessed this was the problem, but I think this would be akin to someone thinking that lacing cigarettes with mercury or radioactive material or cyanide would be a good idea at the end of the 19th century. If the cigarettes won’t kill you, one of those three will.

EDIT: in case anyone here is confused the THC additives and Vitamin E Acetate were added (according to what I’ve read and heard) by **black market, non-certified makers of juul cartridges.** Much like moonshine was created by people who were not properly certified to make moonshine.

EDIT 2, more accurate info from /u/ladyavacadose : Yes because you’re saying “thc additives” ? were added to juul cartridges which are just supposed to be nicotine and that’s not true at all. They are just black market thc cartridges. They do not look like juul cartridges or fit on a juul.


So, it’s exactly what everyone in the industry knew it was weeks, if not months ago?


THC *Adulterant … *Dilutent .. not additive… “added to vape products”


words matter


Vitamin E Acetate is not an additive added to THC.

This is added as filler on knock off illegal brands of THC pods. These are sold exclusively in the black market. The reason it’s added is because it made the oil thick which give the impression of quality because of the misconception that thick oil = good quality.

Reportedly some of these knock off brands made their way into a few dispensaries, this seems rare but happened.

CDC tested knock off brands and legal brands.

Vaping THC oil is safe if you buy from reputable and legal brands and dispensaries. Vaping flower is safe if you buy from reputable and brands and dispensaries.

Don’t cheap out. Stay legal and get good brands.


1,500 protesters killed during Iran Uprising, 29 women confirmed dead

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That figure is quite alarming. Why is this not being reported on the mainstream news?


Listen, I hate to be this guy but I don’t think this is a reliable source at all. The source they give is The National Council of Resistance of Iran, which is part of the MEK, a terrorist organization that has killed far more than 1,500 Iranians in its history. As an Iranian, I do not support the regime, but I also do not support the MEK at all; they are very hated in Iran, by almost everyone. They are the farthest thing from a reliable source. If there are other better sources that claim the same amount, fine. I have not seen that, but this is absolutely a piece of propaganda.


This is sad. For all involved. But why is the title concerned with the less than 2% people only because of their gender? Really sad regardless.


That’s an odd way to say 1,471 men were killed.


29 women confirmed dead.

1471 men?

29 women dead is more news worthy than 1471 men?


TIL the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy collects about $4000 worth of coins every day. Most of the money goes towards charities like a supermarket for the needy.

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They still won’t let me dive down to the plug, even after being shown that most excellent documentary, Futurama.


I wonder how much money the guys selling cell phone chargers and toys standing next to the fountain make


I did the math, if this is correct, that adds up to 28,000 a week which is 1,460,000 (One million four hundred sixty thousand) every year!


Who the fuck throws paper money into a fountain?!


“Roman officials have the fountain cleaned every night, reportedly ***netting as much as $4,000*** in loose change from around the world each day”

Netting in Italian means half of what was collected.


TIL the United States Postal Service is the single largest employer of veterans (22% of the postal workforce) and nearly a third of the veterans are disabled.

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The federal government is one of the few employers that routinely makes accommodations for people with disabilities.


As described in the documentary “Men in Black II”, the postal service is also the single largest employer of extra terrestrials.


I could be mistaken but I believe any time of service in the military carries over towards retirement. I was also told by an acquaintance that had worked for the USPS that they don’t pay into social security.


The USPS has long been a great job for marginalized communities. After the Civil War it was one of the only ways black Southerners could get good jobs in racist areas. Glad to see it’s helping returning soldiers too!


The USPS is a modern wonder of the world. Seriously.

* You can ship a letter from Nome, Alaska to Key West, FL with a single 55¢ stamp. Just as you would if you were to send a letter across town
* Their parcel shipping rates are 20%-40% cheaper than the private couriers (FedEx, UPS) and often will get your packages to their destination faster
* They will even mail you free Priority Mail shipping supplies, including boxes!

The USPS is one of the ways this country is great. We have arguably the best postal system in the world. The European postal systems are often quasi-public corporations that screw, exploiting their vaulted status to screw people over and provide bad service.

Understand that when you hear stories about the USPS failing it’s only because they have to unfairly fund their pensions several **decades** in advance.


Your entire reality could be the result of a mental illness and you’d never know it

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Well, that explains a lot.


It could be the result of *somebody else’s* mental illness. Your whole life could be a fabrication; subconsciously willed into existence by somebody who’s background you briefly appear in, and there’s no way you can prove otherwise.


I’m pretty sure I’m a brain in a jar and my whole universe is a simulated experience. The real question is whether the simulation is single player or multiplayer.


I think about this a lot


I remember an episode of smallville where this villain came inside supermans mind and makes Clark think he is in a mental asylum. Krypton came from a hand-sanitizer brand. It was pretty weird


Someone was given $300 million and could have done some good in the world, but instead they made the movie CATS

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I know someone who worked on the movie as part of the animation team. The studio were universally praised for execution, but they all knew it was a shitty movie from the beginning, after seeing the art style


If I was given $300M I’d still make CATS but reduce the budget to $150M then use the remaining money to make CATS 2.


I feel sorry for the people who have worked on it, as technically it’s quite impressive.

It’s like having Einstein work on a poop throwing trebuchet


that movie makes me angry whenever i see its commercial on tv


They all look like Mike Myers in Cat in the Hat. Did *no one* notice that when making this thing?!


A guy gets pulled over for speeding and the officer says,

“What’s your name son”?

He replied. “D-d-d-dav-dav-David sir”.

The officer looks at him suspiciously and says, “Oh, do you have a stutter”?

The guy replied, “No, my dad has a stutter, and the guy who filled out my birth certificate is an asshole”.

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This made me laugh for a good couple of seconds. lol


I’ll try really hard to remember this one.


i dont get it.


I remember that this joke was super popular back when I was in elementary school


W-w-w-would you l-l-l-like t-t-t-to uh, l-l-l-like to b-b-b- (sigh) b-b-b- (sigh) b-BUY this b-b-b-bible or would you like me to read it to you?


My neighbor just got arrested for growing weed in his back yard.

Apparently my property line isn’t where I thought it was.

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I heard about a guy several years ago whose car was stolen while he was at work.

A couple weeks later he got a call from the police department to come down and identify the car.

They told him the thief had also been charged with possession of the marijuana they found under the back seat, even though he swore up and down that it wasn’t his.

The owner of the car had stashed it there.


He ain’t got no ‘Tegridy




Made me laugh, take this upvote.


Then maybe, you should chill out and smoke some weed yourself.


6th branch of the military was born today, 20 December 2019

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So do we have to tear down the Pentagon and build a Hexagon?


So the Navy has the Marines, the air Force gets space force, does the army now get subterranean mole force?


“Maybe your purpose on this planet isn’t on this planet”

Can’t tell if recruitment message or sick burn


Wow so cool! More bloating to the military budget, increased militarization of a public resource, and forced to use tax dollars to pay for defense and some research not accessible to the public!


This is pretty cool. Nobody is alive who was there when the army navy marines were born. I can say say I was there when the space force was born!


Apple working on satellite technology for direct service to iPhones without wireless carriers

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now THAT’S what i call vertically integrated


That was Steve Jobs’ original vision for the iPhone—no carriers.

Unfortunately, the wireless technology just wasn’t there yet.


Great now I have to buy a satellite also?


20 bucks says it’ll cost more than 20 bucks.


Power requirements and antenna size/shape won’t work for Apple asthetics/design. You’ll be looking at a phone 2-3 times the thickness and you would still have an antenna bump or protrusion. Then there are strict limits on the amount of watts a handheld device with no external antenna can pump out (1000mW i think) The signals can be blocked by your hand, Ku, K and Ka bands are the only bands allow for this type of communication so far. What they could do is have a separate base station that pumps out wifi, which is literally their only play.