The EU says they have grave concern about Trump’s decision to authorise sanctions against the International Criminal Court, saying any punitive measures were “unacceptable and unprecedented”

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He’s doing worse than just going against the court. He’s going after the individual officers who are investigating war crimes by the US military.

He’s directly threatening people themselves, not just who they work for, for looking into the war crimes of which there is documented evidence that the military has committed.


Countries that still care about international law should sanction the US.


Trump and the GOP support war crimes.

We all knew this so why is anyone surprised?


Once again, Trump is making America ~~great~~ **a pariah in the world community.**


A bully tactic that turns the clock back on responsibility and order of law.


U.S. embassy in Seoul displays Black Lives Matter banner in support of anti-racism protests

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Trump is gonna throw another tantrum.



“Harry Harris, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea. Ambassador Harry Harris was nominated by President Trump on May 23, 2018 and confirmed by the United States Senate on June 28, 2018 as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea (ROK).”

“Ambassador Harris commanded the U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM), now known as the Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM), from May, 2015 to May, 2018. He is the first Asian-American to hold four-star rank in the U.S. Navy and the first to head USPACOM. Prior to USPACOM, he commanded the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Other operational commands include the U.S. 6th Fleet, Striking and Support Forces NATO, Joint Task Force Guantanamo, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 1, and Patrol Squadron 46.”


I walked pass this like 5 hours ago above this is also a pride flag if you wanted to know. Also you can also see it from inside the palace court yard too.


Someone is going to be “recalled” I’m willing to bet.


I know an embassy itself can’t actually do much, but I find it funny when the government is supporting people protesting the government.


Violent scuffles have broken out between police and far-right protesters staging a counter-protest to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in central London

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Protecting the statues by attacking the police who are there to protect the statues.


They weren’t counter protests. The protest they were supposed to counter, was cancelled.

This was just a bunch of thugs showing their colours.


They got ya’ll-queda there too?



So now the people that are protesting against the anti-police protesters have also become anti-police… All because they want to hurt the anti-police protesters for being anti-police.

Got it.


This side opposing the anti-Fascists… can we call them what they are — Fascists?


Pressure grows on Boris Johnson to explain decision to drop chief nurse from press conference after she refused to back Dominic Cummings

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The title already already tells us why he took the decision to drop her. What I’d like to know is why he didn’t drop Cummings.


The “bumbling, nice, jolly guy” appearance that Johnson portrays is all an act. He’s actually very dangerous.


Unfortunately the population are thick enough to keep voting for austerity


Pressure? What fucking pressure?

Boris has no regard for Parliament, No regard even for the Queen as he lied to her face to get her to dissolve a Parliament he didn’t like. He does not appear Infront of select committees, He does not attend Cobra meetings,

He is accountable to two people, Dominic Cummings and by extension. Putin.

He is out his fucking depth with a shitshow of a Government, with DomCum breaking the civil service and the rest of MPs left in limbo it’s no wonder things are turning ugly on the streets.

It literally is anarchy in the UK and we are opening the shops back up tomorrow as if everything is fine.


Cummings must have some good dirt on Boris for him to protect him to this extent.


Leaked tape reveals Rio Tinto does not regret destroying 46,000-year-old Aboriginal rock shelter to expand mine

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well yeah.. if they cared, it wouldnt have happened in the first place


Another graduate of the anger management classes also attended by Priti Patel.

“I’m sorry you’re upset.”


Can someone eli5, as to why the site couldn’t be protected? When we discover something of historical significance, isn’t that supposed to be reported and protected by legislation?


Of course they don’t care. They’re capitalists, all they care about is money.


>He also reportedly told staff the episode was “quite galling to me as well, because we are recognised … as one of the leading resources companies in this field”.

AKA tonedeaf.


Three female opposition activists in Zimbabwe who gave detailed accounts of torture, humiliation and sexual assault by unidentified state agents have been ordered to remain in prison to face charges that they invented their ordeal.

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From article:

The three women, all leaders of the Movement for Democratic Change’s youth section, have been held in the infamous Chirubi high-security jail since Friday. They face prison sentences of up to 20 years or a fine.

Clad in prison garb, the three activists appeared weak and distressed as they climbed out of a prison truck on Monday morning minutes before their bail hearing at Harare’s central magistrates court. Netsai Marova, 25, held a walking aid as Joana Mamombe, 27 and one of Zimbabwe’s youngest MPs, assisted her.

The three women disappeared after being detained by police and soldiers last month after a demonstration in Harare and were found on a roadside 60 miles away from the capital two days later, badly injured and traumatised.

After giving detailed and graphic accounts of repeated beatings, humiliation and sexual assault to local and international media, the three were charged with “making false statements prejudicial to the state” and jailed. United Nations human rights experts have called for the charges against the three women to be dropped.

Kazembe Kazembe, Zimbabwe’s home affairs minister, said last week that the government “does not permit any of its institutions and agencies to use torture, forced disappearance or abductions” and that examinations by government doctors had not shown any injuries that matched the three women’s accounts.


So much injustice


It seems that nothing has changed since Mugabe’s tyranny ended.


How dare you fabricate this story of torture? Now, off to be tortured all of you!


My stomach just drops, reading this kind of stuff.

I’m like, “Come to Canada! I have a spare room!”


Coronavirus: ‘Major breakthrough’ as UK scientists find cheap steroid cuts COVID-19 deaths

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>For patients on ventilators it cut death risk from 40% to 28%. For patients needing oxygen it cut death risk from 25% to 20%.
>Chief investigator Prof Peter Horby said: “This is the only drug so far that has been shown to reduce mortality and it reduces it significantly. It’s a major breakthrough.”

This is huge.

Not to mention the treatment is up to 10 days of dexamethasone and it costs about £5 per patient.


This is brilliant news for so many reasons.

1) It’s a drug that’s been around for decades, so no worries about companies trying to patent and price gouge

2) It’s very cheap, so poorer countries will still be able to reap the benefits, and it will also be cheaper for nations to help each other out

3) The side-effects are known. The problem with new or niche treatments, which greatly delay their use among the general population, is that we have to work out what the side-effects are. Knowing this already means we don’t have to wait as long. These trials have been going on since March, so for 3 months now, but that’s barely any time at all in the world of pharmaceutical testing. Now we can start using it on a mass scale.

4) The supply is plentiful, and whilst those supply lines will now be stretched as countries rush to acquire the drug it it shouldn’t take too long for manufacturing to catch up. It’s cheapness helps here.

5) Of course, the main reason it’s brilliant news is that it will save thousands upon thousands of lives by cutting deaths among the most dangerously ill by 1/3.

At last we’re actually making big leaps forward in treating this thing!


I work in healthcare and wrote a systematic review on the use of steroids in COVID-19 patients back in April. Back then the info was scarce and all I could deduce was that they can be beneficial in patients who are critically ill as they can reduce the inflammation leading to severe lung damage. However in patients who are not critical, they work the other way as they weaken the immune system leading to a longer recovery period.

I am glad it turned out that they work. We just have to replicate the results in other parts of the world to solidify the treatment.


£5 – that’s $5000 for any Americans reading


It cut the risk of death by a third for patients on ventilators, and for those on oxygen it cut deaths by a fifth.


Majority of Australians say social media platforms should block misleading political ads

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We should just ban political ads entirely


Cool, which ministry defines truth in australia by the way?


Better yet, why dont we just block social media from our lives


Consumers should stop being gullible


All political adds are misleading.

Pls, do not tell me that you would expect truthfull adds.


Scientists in Italy have found traces of the new coronavirus in wastewater collected from Milan and Turin in December 2019 – suggesting COVID-19 was already circulating in Northern Italy before China reported the first cases.

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Starting to think the severe flu that rocked my whole family in January may have been COVID. It wasn’t anything like the other times I’ve had the flu.


So it was circulating in Milan in December, why did it take a few months to ramp up to be bad enough that they had to lockdown?

Was it circulating with a really low transmission rate? If so, why didn’t it burn out?

If it was transmitting aggressively, why didn’t it explode in Milan in January or Feb?

Is there a critical number or % of infected that needs to be hit for something like this to go exponential? But if that is the case, why have long term care homes been such a mess?

Not questioning the results of their tests, there is just a missing step that I can’t logic out.


Fun fact:
They also discovered a lot of traces of cocaine in the wastewater of Turin and Milan.


Unofficial news of Covid was already circulating in social media since November 2019. For it to take a month to transmit to Italy is hardly surprising


My mom came back from a cruise to Northern Italy in Nov.

She worked as a high-school librarian her whole life, and never got sick, no bullshit.

She was so sick with pneumonia like symptoms when she got back. I’ve never seen her sick before let alone borderline hospitalized.

We figure she had it, it lasted for weeks.


For the second time this month, police in northern New Brunswick have shot and killed an Indigenous person. Quebec’s police watchdog said that it has been called in to investigate the circumstances around the shooting death of a civilian

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charged at the police with a knife, after several attempts to taze him. Seems like a reasonable escalation. The police should be able to protect themselves.


If the report is true and they were charged at by a guy with a knife, I think they were just doing their job.

The problem I see is that there have been several ‘indigenous person charged me with a knife so I shot them reports.” All of them in which there are no witnesses and no body cam so the only person who gets to tell the story is the person who killed the guy. Which I don’t think there has ever been a case in which a police officer openly admits shooting and killing someone wasn’t justified despite it happening far too frequently worldwide.


Might be a stupid question here, but why is the Quebec police watchdog being called? Is there no New Brunswick police watchdog?


Both of these were the result of people charging the cops with a knife.


Here’s my problem. All these police reports seem reasonable until there is video and then we learn the truth. Maybe these events happened this way, maybe they didn’t. My trust is shaken and I don’t know what to believe. I don’t like that feeling.