2nd wave is coming…..

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Whoever is spamming the “this is misinformation” report button, just cause you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s misinformation. Comments are locked now as there’s plenty of debate about this within them so you can freely read through them and make your own determinations. It’s possible of course that there is some misinformation in here but we’re not in the business of vetting every single comment by every single account so let’s just say as always that this is Reddit; you should take everything you read w/ a grain of salt and think critically about the source of the info and the author’s potential motivation.


“The city had previously seen no new cases in more than 50 days.” Do you guys know about Pinóquio?


A 2nd wave would be the in the fall when climate conditions cause weaker immune response and greater viral spread. You can’t have a 2nd wave if the 1st wave doesn’t end. We are more prepared for another outbreak. The threat is if the virus mutates into something more deadly as did the Spanish Flu.


This should send the markets to the moon.


Judging by how we handled the first wave, I don’t see this being much more impactful than it already has. Maybe one week of panic.