30% of Americans missed their housing payments in June

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I seriously wonder if this is gonna cause another wave of mass uprisings this time against landlords. I mean we went from bodycams to abolishing the police in weeks. Maybe this time it’s gonna be that “landlords do no socially valuable work and just make money by holding land for ransom” or something.


And yet the stock market continues to surge to new highs. I’ve never seen a bigger disconnect between equity valuations and the underlying economic fundamentals in the 30+ years I’ve been watching this stuff.


Im 33. I moved back in with my parents like six weeks ago to start saving money. Turns out, I like being back. Its easier that way. And they like having my extra income in the house.


Pretty disingenuous alarmism – the forebearance + the normal “missed payments” + low end spike due to eviction suspensions explains this bump easily. The staggering amount of stimulus and drop in consumer spending means there’s no real justification for a lot of this other than people can – the low end of the market is reporting massive delinquencies since their only recourse has been suspended (eviction)


Seems that ppl have forgotten the banks loved buying up the foreclosed homes in the 08 recession! They purchased 10-12% of those and found out that leasing is better than selling is some cases…. It is a lot easier the just evict someone than the cost of foreclosing… The banks are sitting back waiting to buy up these homes and I don’t see the gov’t bailing out tenants or homeowners… They are to busy buying hertz bullshit bonds!