67% of Jobless Workers Get More in Unemployment Than They Earned While On The Job

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The increased unemployment payments are delaying economic pain. When the increased payments end the real pain begins. People are either going to be working for less money or unable to find a job and cut off the benefits they had. They will start defaulting loans and getting evicted from their rentals. They will do less discretionary spending. This will hurt banks and small investors. It will be interesting to see when the government decides to end the payments to individuals and what effect is has on the economy.


And now they will have nothing when those benefits end. The jobs they worked at are mostly gone. It’s not like they can just go back to working.


It is going to get ugly in Aug! Evictions, foreclosures, unemployment ending, commercial real estate is gonna get crushed, and just like politicians, corp America does not let a good crisis to to waste! They are using this as a juatification to cut their labor force to grow the bottom line! Even as the economy comes back the job market is like the commodity market… Supply and demand! They will raise the productivity expectation and drive down wages… I see a homeless epedimic coming in America!


This is why we should just have a UBI; no broken incentives.


Yeah. I had a friend making 250 a week after tax is now sitting comfortably at home making 750 a week