A church in Oregon, Lighthouse Pentecostal Church, is now the epicenter of the state’s largest coronavirus outbreak with 236 confirmed cases. Pentecostals are one of the crazier denominations: Speaking in tongues, crawling on the floor and barking like dogs, and laughing uncontrollably for hours

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They had 26 cases, with no deaths reported, before these cumquats fucked that up. And with all those cases linked to this single church, you know that at least one person has spread that even more. Expect there to be some deaths thanks to these assholes. Worth repeating: if you are attending any in person church gatherings: **You are a piece of shit.**


To be fair, if I were surrounded by people that crazy, I’d probably laugh uncontrollably for hours too.


Speaking in tongues is spewing COVID-19 into the air for all to breathe.


>laughing uncontrollably for hours Me too!


when atheists observe such behaviors, they too laugh uncontrollably for hours, until they go out for a drink, to recover… !