A dollar crash is virtually inevitable – Stephen Roach

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” His timeline is rough — over the next year or two, maybe more. ” Just short enough to make people panic, but long enough that people will forget when he’s wrong. Take a hike bro


I have a lot of respect for Stephen Roach, but I have a honest question about any claims on a Dollar Crash: The Dollar would crash against what currencies exactly? It seems that the ECB, The bank of Japan and the Chinese are just as willing to print and to prop their economies as we are.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t global demand too high for that to happen?


The crash of the USD has been “predicted” since “Nixon shock”. But it’s easy to say shit like this. I can tell you two things with absolute certainty. 1- the dollar WILL crash. 2- it won’t happen today.


Dont let my nickname to trigger you but on this sub it’s reasonably to expect to have reasoned conversation about what’s next when/if dollar crashes? Is there any good substitutes to dollar system?