A Florida man punched an alligator in the face to save his dog from being attacked

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For an article about Florida Man, this isn’t as crazy as usual.


Hey! I punched a raccoon in the butt to save a feral kitten two weeks ago. Momma dropped her off on my front porch the next morning. I have one of her brothers now too, and the mama lives under my house with her other two babies. I feed the still-ferals twice a day and do nightly patrols to make sure the raccoons go elsewhere. I promise it was not a hard butt punch. I love raccoons as much as I love kitties. If a full grown cat was attacking a raccoon cub, he woulda got a butt punch too.


Florida man….did good thing? Does not compute….


That’s what you have to do to become an Australian citizen. It’s on the test and everything.


I don’t understand living in a place where actual monsters roam free, but now that I know you can just punch them in the face I might reconsider and go ahead and move to Florida to be near my family!