A four-day work week might be exactly what the U.S. and its economy needs right now : About one-third of employers already offer “compressed workweeks,” according to a Society for Human Resource Management survey.

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Can we be very clear that ‘four day week’ and ‘compressed week’ are not the same idea? That’s some intentional missing the point right there.


I’ve worked 4 day (32 hour) work weeks before. They’re incredible. __VASTLY__ improved quality of life compared to a 5 day 40 hour work week as long as you’re making enough money.


I’ve been advocating this for years. And not even 4 days at 10 hours, we should be doing 4 days at 8 hours. Why do we have to reach the magic number of 40? Benefits of having people work shorter work weeks: 1- Lower stress and stress related illness/injury 2- More time with family results in lower crime, addiction, and violence issues 3- More time for people to travel is better for the economy and tourism 4- More time for hobbies and gatherings is better for the economy 5- More time and chances for people to volunteer in their community 6- More jobs. 7- Increased productivity for hours worked 8- Fewer issues with burnout and turnover 9- Greater social interaction in families and communities makes for better mental health 10- People would likely eat better and get more exercise The only downside I can possibly see is that businesses that make profit by exploiting cheap labor will be forced to deal with lower profit margins. But this would be an incentive to improve such business models and perhaps be less exploitative. Even businesses that are not strong enough to deal with such changes would fail or struggle, but at the same time, perhaps it would stir more innovation. Either way, in the long run it seems like it would greatly benefit human health and happiness. What good is a strong economy if it is NOT improving human health and happiness?


There are just some places that will always outright refuse to. Mine, for example, was 54hrs a week. They moved down to 40hrs for two weeks of the pandemic, and now have moved it up to 60hrs for 95% of the workplace. We’ve already had more turnover this month than we’ve ever had.. and that’s directly correlated to the abrupt increase in hours. I lucked out with my job being allowed to stay at 40hrs, but if it switched to 60hrs anytime soon, I’m getting a part-time elsewhere and will start looking into trade schools so I can find something better. Edit: I will not disclose the company name for reasons. I work in the medical field; factory work. Our issues stem from incredibly poor upper management and chugs along under the assumption (veiled threat) of termination. They repeatedly lie to customers and employees alike. A couple years ago, my then-supervisor went to visit a sister site on a Friday. While he was there, one team of people was “given” Sunday off and they, according to him, collectively cheered. They cheered because they didn’t need to work 70+ hours. It’s abhorrent. That’s not mentioning the Popeye’s 30 seconds from me is hiring employees for $3 MORE as a starting wage than my factory.


PLEASE. People need this. 3 day weekends is fantastic for the economy because it let’s workers rest and sleep (making them work more efficiently during the week), but also more time to spend money on things during the 3 day weekend. Also maximizes work efficiency due to organizing, and 3 day vacation trips? Yes.